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The Spencer Lodge Podcast

Jan 24, 2022

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are a new craze breaking the internet and democratising wealth. And right now, people are either embracing NFTs, or avoiding them at all costs. In this episode, I am speaking with one of the early adopters of NFTs, esports and gaming, Maha Abouelenein. Maha - who is also Gary Vaynerchuk’s personal publicist - explains in easy-to-understand terms what NFTs are, the future of NFTs, how brands utilise NFTs and why gaming and esports are gaining popularity.


  • What is an NFT? [03:35]
  • The future of NFTs [04:53]
  • NFT experts are discussed [09:28]
  • How the younger generation are using Web 3.0 [11:11]
  • How brands utilise NFTs to connect with consumers [13:26]
  • Why gaming and esports are what people should be paying attention to [15:00]
  • What it’s like being Gary Vaynerchuk’s publicist [17:30]