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The Spencer Lodge Podcast

May 17, 2021

Healing from trauma requires strength, resilience and determination. Kaleb Dahlgren, a Canadian ex-hockey player and author, embodies all of these traits, and you’ll find out why in this episode.

In 2018, Kaleb was on a bus with his team following a hockey game in Saskatchewan, Canada, when their bus collided with a truck. Kaleb survived the accident, but it resulted in the tragic deaths of 16 of his hockey teammates and left another 13 people injured. Kaleb experienced amnesia following the crash, and suffered from a major brain injury that still affects him.

Kaleb has documented his experiences of the deadly Humboldt Broncos bus crash and healing from trauma and grief in his book, “Crossroads”. Leaning on the lessons he learnt about grief, healing and resiliency, Kaleb strives to help others to overcome difficult times through his book.

On today’s episode, Kaleb will discuss the horrific crash that changed his life. He will also talk about the miracle of being alive, living for those who have passed, and the importance of finding the right perspective on the path to healing.