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The Spencer Lodge Podcast

Oct 25, 2020

This week I sit down with Jihyun Park, a North Korean Defector, who tells me about her harrowing escape from North Korea in 1998. Jihyun reveals her experience of fleeing the darkest place on Earth, being human trafficked in China and forced into a marriage with a Chinese farmer with whom she had baby boy, and being separated from him for years. Jihyun highlights her experience of being reported to Chinese authorities and being sent back to North Korea, the torture she faced in a forced labour camp, and her brush with death while in captivity.

Today Jihyun lives in the UK; she is a Human Rights Activist that campaigns for the rights of all North Koreans and helps North Korean refugees in the UK rebuild their lives.

Note: I encourage listeners to head to my YouTube channel where you can experience Jihyun’s story with visuals and subtitles, to fully immerse yourself in her story.

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