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The Spencer Lodge Podcast

Aug 27, 2020

Imagine being 18 years old and discovering that the internet exists. Then imagine learning that the world isn’t flat, the United States of America has something called a President, and your grandfather is accused of incest.

That’s the backstory to this week’s guest, Emma Gingerich. Emma was raised Amish, and her family is originally from the ‘Swartzentruber Amish’ which are widely considered the least modern and uneducated Amish people on the planet. In January 2006, with $50 in her back pocket, Emma took off her bonnet and walked out the door of her family’s small farmhouse to begin her new life.

Having only attained an 8th-grade education, Emma completed her GED, went to college and eventually earned herself an MBA. Emma’s story is courageous and listening to this episode, will take you to another world.