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The Spencer Lodge Podcast

Sep 2, 2019

It’s time to review everything I’ve learned consulting and training companies across the UAE in August.  Here are the three big takeaways:

1) TikTok is here, it’s attracting users in the millions, and just like Instagram, it’s starting with the youth but could be a VERY real opportunity for brands.

2) I’m seeing some hypocrisy in sales leaders and I’m calling out the BS. I’m shocked that we live in a world where I’m seeing business owners and sales managers hire consultants to train their staff but don’t adopt the training and methods themselves.  I think this is a terrible idea and it’s certainly not leading by example.

3) Leads are in abundance! Literally, between Google Ads and lead gen specialists, sales teams have access to more leads than ever.  I think now is the time to focus on conversions.

I want to hear your feedback! Tell me what you think about all of this in the comments below.