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The Spencer Lodge Podcast

Jan 5, 2019

In this episode, I explain the concept behind my podcast.  As a content creator on the subject of entrepreneurship, sales and confidence for the last two years, I've garnered a great deal of passion for the videos I make and talks I give.  However, I have neglected finding a home for all this content within a classic podcast format.

So, on The Spencer Lodge podcast, I'll share some of the best content I've made.  Every episode starts with me giving some content about what you'll hear.  It could be me interviewing someone, or being interviewed, or even sharing some of my own lessons.  Right after that, I'll explain the backstory behind the content and speak on how you might apply it.

If you like this episode or any future episodes, I would love a 5 star review on Apple Podcast or a comment on Soundcloud.  You can read and watch more of my content on