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The Spencer Lodge Podcast

Mar 11, 2020

"Mentally retarded."

That's what they called him at school."NO."
He heard that every day for a week before he landed his first job in broadcasting - bringing coffee to disc jockeys.

Today, he has risen above it all to be named one of the Top Five Outstanding Speakers worldwide by Toastmasters International.

What an absolute HONOUR to interview one of the most inspiring and well-known motivational speakers in the world - LES BROWN and his daughter Ona Brown!

Money is a powerful motivational force – but it doesn’t last forever, and it isn’t as fulfilling as a life that’s driven by purpose.

In this episode of The Spencer Lodge Podcast Les and Ona Brown talk about the power of persistence (that’s how Les landed his first job!), Ona's coaching skills and Mickey Mouse socks. Jokes aside, listen to this amazing interview to understand how important it is to find your purpose and believe in yourself to live a fulfilling life.