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The Spencer Lodge Podcast

Jun 20, 2022

Nine years ago, Davinci Jeremie pleaded to his YouTube community to purchase just $1 worth of Bitcoin. This was when one Bitcoin was trading at $100 a coin. Some followed Davinci’s advice, others thought he was out of his mind – but you can’t deny that early Bitcoin investors are now a whole lot richer than the rest. I had the pleasure of speaking with the crypto OG and software developer on this week’s episode, and it was one of my Top 5 interviews on the show. Davinci oozes enthusiasm and knowledge, and his depth of understanding of cryptocurrency investing is second-to-none. In this episode, we explore Davinci’s early investments, mining his first Bitcoin, how governments are slowing down the adoption of cryptocurrencies, the collapse of Luna, and what coins the average investor should be investing in. This episode is for anyone who wants to learn more about crypto investing from someone that has been making millions from crypto over the last nine years.


Discussion points

  • 02:44 Why Davinci invested in Bitcoin
  • 04:55 Learning the money system
  • 10:20 Mining his first bitcoin
  • 14:11 Initial ups and downs
  • 20:30 Investing in other cryptocurrencies
  • 23:55 Why digital and cryptocurrencies are the future
  • 31:40 How governments control crypto
  • 41:20 Luna collapse
  • 43:51 What coins Davinci holds
  • 45:00 What others  should be investing in
  • 47:07 Public figures that don’t support crypto
  • 48:58 The impact of money


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