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The Spencer Lodge Podcast

May 30, 2022

If you’re listening to this podcast, there’s a good chance you have your own morning routine – but does it work? There are countless ways to get our days started, including exercising, meditation, eating breakfast and more, but what if our routines don’t actually help us in the morning? That’s why we invited Dr Rangan Chatterjee to the show; he is one of the UK’s most renowned physicians, a best-selling author and the host of the top health podcast in the UK and Europe. In this special edition of The Spencer Lodge Podcast, I am joined by Dr Rangan and my good friend Lisa Johnson, to discuss creating habits that last, Dr Rangan’s model of happiness and neutralising emotional triggers. If there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s that this episode WILL make you a better person and give you practical insights into how you can create a happy mind and happy life.


Discussion points

  • 03:35 Morning routines
  • 12:25 Habit stacking
  • 18:27 Winning VS losing
  • 26:22 The model of happiness
  • 30:21 How to find a sense of control
  • 34:57 Loneliness
  • 41:53 Spencer’s mental health journey
  • 47:20 Junk happiness habits
  • 50:25 Viktor Frankl & Dr Edith Eger
  • 53:38 Neutralising emotional triggers
  • 57:30 Dealing with negativity online


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