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The Spencer Lodge Podcast

May 23, 2022

Cryptocurrency investors have been on an emotional roller coaster over the last 18 months. And if you're just getting into the game, choosing the right digital currency exchange can be intimidating. In this episode of The Spencer Lodge Podcast, I am speaking with Nick Saponaro from Divi. Divi is a blockchain startup that creates an exchange for digital currencies and shares alternative ways to diversify and hedge your portfolio, including cryptocurrency investing. Divi's main goal? Making digital currency trading as easy as using PayPal. Nick and I discuss Dubai's adoption of crypto, how anyone can get into the crypto space through Divi, Divi's business model and how to mitigate any risks with cryptocurrency trading. Nick was a fascinating guest to speak to, and at only 29 years old, he's one of the youngest and brightest CEOs I've met in a very long time.


Discussion points

  • 01:45 Nick’s thoughts on Dubai
  • 03:23 How Dubai is adopting crypto
  • 04:12 Nick’s background
  • 07:00 About Divi
  • 08:44 How Divi helps others get into crypto
  • 16:13 The creation of Divi
  • 19:38 Is crypto gambling?
  • 22:50 How Divi is making crypto easy
  • 27:13 Divi’s clients
  • 27:30 La Liga partnership
  • 35:20 Divi’s revenue model
  • 37:12 Different uses of crypto
  • 40:20 Wallet hacking
  • 44:03 Mitigating risks with crypto
  • 46:35 NFTs

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