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The Spencer Lodge Podcast

Apr 25, 2022

I was so inspired by my next guest after spending a week with him in Rwanda, that I just had to have him on the show. Reza Marvasti is the Founder and CEO of The Power of Play - an NGO that builds sustainable playgrounds for children in underpriveledged communities all around the world. Reza is a former professional extreme athlete who after a life-changing event went on a journey of self-discovery. This led him to discover his life’s purpose of creating safe spaces for children who have experienced extreme hardship. By doing this, kids rediscover childhood, process trauma, and make sense of the world through creativity and play.


In this episode, Reza and I talk about his difficult childhood, how The Power of Play operates and builds playgrounds, and how, after searching for so long, Reza found the meaning of life.



  • 03:29 Introduction to Reza
  • 05:22 Speed flying
  • 08:20 Reza’s sports background
  • 11:37 How Reza found his purpose
  • 13:50 How Reza connected to children
  • 15:56 Reza’s journey
  • 18:06 Reza’s first playground 
  • 29:00 The meaning of life
  • 30:56 How The Power Of Play is funded
  • 32:25 How a playground is built
  • 36:37 How a playground impacts the community
  • 40:00 The main goal for The Power of Play
  • 44:37 Reza’s frustration with excessive wealth
  • 48:33 One thing Reza wants to remind humanity of
  • 51:00 Volunteer opportunities for families
  • 52:30 Spencer’s favourite moments in Rwanda

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