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The Spencer Lodge Podcast

Jan 17, 2022

Good sleep is essential if you want to achieve massive success in life. But so many of us struggle with that. Today I am joined by Dr Neil Stanley, an independent sleep expert who has been involved in sleep research for almost 40 years. I took the opportunity to ask him everything I could about sleep – from dispelling common sleep myths, to talking about the impact of stress, sex and melatonin on sleep, and of course answering the most-asked question: “How much sleep do I really need?” Dr Stanley joins me to answer everything and more, and I bet you’ll be surprised by a couple of his answers.


  • Dr Stanley discusses how much sleep the average person really needs, and dispels common myths about sleep [05:00]
  • The four stages of sleep [10:01]
  • Dreams and the impact they have on sleep [15:33]
  • The impact of stress on a good night’s sleep [21:39]
  • Does sex positively affect one’s sleeping habits? [25:45]
  • Insomnia is explained, and examples and statistics are shared [27:25]
  • Is poor sleep hereditary? [35:00]
  • The impact of depression and anxiety on one’s sleep [38:20]
  • Common myths about melatonin and how it affects falling asleep [43:16]
  • How CBD and marijuana may aid in falling asleep [47:30]
  • Sleeping habits of people from different nationalities, cultures and religions is discussed [49:45]
  • Why sleep is the best thing you can do when sick [56:00]
  • The average life expectancy of someone with poor sleeping habits [01:02:18]
  • The importance of consistency in sleep and how to master it [01:04:45}
  • Dr Stanley shares where you can contact him [01:07:00]
  • Dr Stanley shares statistics on how many people have poor sleeping habits [01:08:07]

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