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The Spencer Lodge Podcast

Jan 10, 2022

Ever wondered how developing your negotiation skills can give you a competitive advantage at work? Today’s guest is Chris Voss - the CEO & Founder of The Black Swan Group and author of “Never Split The Difference: Negotiating As If Your Life Depended On It”.

Chris was trained in the art of negotiation by the FBI, Scotland Yard and Harvard Law School. He had a successful 24-year career at the Federal Bureau of Investigation as a Master Negotiator. Chris has now developed his company, The Black Swan Group, to teach others how to be better negotiators in the business world.

He has used his many years of experience in international crisis and high-stakes negotiations to develop a unique program that applies these globally proven techniques to the business world. In this episode, he is sharing those techniques with us.


Chris joins the show by discussing why he wrote his book “Never Split the Difference: Negotiating as If Your Life Depended on It”. [2:56]

How Chris became involved in negotiation is detailed. [4:44]

Negotiation training is explained. [9:37]

Chris explains human nature, personality, connection and the relation to negotiation. [13:51]

Communicating in the digital world is reflected on. [27:30]

A time when Chris got negotiation wrong is touched on. [33:46]

Chris discusses his business, The Black Swan Group. [36:54]

How to get in touch with Chris and learn more about negotiation is detailed. [48:08]


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