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The Spencer Lodge Podcast

Apr 26, 2021

Pieter Tritton, also known as ‘Posh Pete’, is an ex-drug trafficker who has spent almost a decade in the most dangerous prisons in South America. He isn’t what you’d imagine when you think of a typical drug dealer though; Pieter grew up in the middle-class area of Gloucestershire in the UK and studied Archaeology at Cardiff University. It was at University that his drug dealing started to take off.

He soon became involved in international drug trafficking and was making hundreds of thousands of pounds from the ‘business’, selling high quality cocaine in enormous amounts. He was an inconspicuous drug kingpin, until he was arrested in Ecuador in 2005 and entered the hardcore world of South American prisons.

He was released in 2015 and has vowed to never return to a life of crime.

In this episode, we discuss his experience behind bars, witnessing multiple murders in prison, and fighting to survive amongst violent prison gang warfare.