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The Spencer Lodge Podcast

Sep 17, 2020

I watched a viral video a few years back of this week’s guest delivering a heartfelt talk to a room full of students. It was a truly moving, emotional talk about the loss of his mother that had the entire audience in tears.

That man is Marc Mero - a Former WWE Professional Wrestling Champion, motivational speaker and the founder of the non-profit organization, Champion of Choices. Today, he is America’s number 1 school presenter, regularly speaking about anti-bullying, substance abuse, and suicide prevention. The tragic loss of more than 30 of his close friends and family members – largely due to substance abuse and poor lifestyle choices – is what inspired Marc to teach children about the consequences of their choices.

He shares his powerful story of tragedy and triumph, speaking candidly about where his good and bad choices took him, his faith, and what he'd say to his mother if she were still here. His passion for reaching youth with his Champion of Choices School Program saves lives, encourages youth to achieve their goals and helps them become the Champions they are destined to be.