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The Spencer Lodge Podcast

Aug 20, 2020

Trigger warning: this episode includes conversations about suicide.

This week’s episode is by far the most emotional podcast I have recorded. It was my pleasure to invite Rahaf Kobeissi into the studio to share her heartbreaking story. From living through the pain of her father’s suicide to having her brother accidentally kill someone in her home and attempting suicide three times herself - her story is truly devastating, yet courageous and brave. But like all grey clouds, it has a silver lining: Rahaf discovered her purpose as an advocate for men’s mental health and became an acclaimed Men’s Mental Health Coach & Personal Development Trainer.

I want to remind my listeners about the importance of speaking openly about mental health. If you are struggling in any way, please reach out to a trusted friend, family member or qualified professional. I am also available to speak to anyone who is battling with mental health issues. Remember, you are not alone.

Grab your tissues and hit play.